The Story of Battle Junction

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Battle Junction is a platform for providing the opportunities to the young talent to come forth and showcase what they got. Our competitions are not limited to short film making but we are also focused on many other competitions like Photography, Designing and Sports.

"It is not a competition only for Prize Money, it is a competition to show your love towards peace and talent. We aim to take out our youth from mental disability of current crises and invest their time in which they can enhance their skills and spread the love and peace."

The team of Battle Junction works day and night to ensure the quality of the objective we have designed. We do topic research through focusing on current scenarios and our audience. We always try to come up with the most innovative and unique ideas that the participant can also get benefit from.

We not only want the youth to participate in these competitions but also they can pursuit their careers in the same. We also arrange Expert Advice for our participants while producing any material for the competition.

Prize money is just an ordinary part of the competitions, Battle Junction and the team is looking far forward from this. Engaging youth in innovations and realizing them that they are not ordinary, but they can be very special for us and our people. We are looking forward to help the participants to build their personalities and career by providing them opportunities.

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